In a city that’s filled with artistic talent, artists, designers and developers come a dime a dozen. Many can execute their artistic skill profusely but what is often missing from the mind of many artists is a strong business sense. I believe in fusing the two – creativity and practical business. Whether you’re trying to market a brand or just expose an idea, the proper expression of that message is critical in today’s market. I am a visionary, with an arsenal of hands on design skills to create full spectrum marketing campaigns.

Christine Carvajal, is an artist, design/developer and entrepreneur based in Brooklyn, NY. The bulk of her experience comes from adolescence managing and operating a family franchise for over thirteen years. In college she studied Broadcasting, Communications and English – eventually receiving a B.S. in Communications from Florida International University. Her career in Design and Development grew from an natural knack for business marketing and an incredible love for art, design and technology. She possesses an arsenal of hands on design skills including Branding, Print/Graphics Design, Video Editing, Social/Digital Content Production and Strategy, Web Design/ Development, Illustration as well as┬áStaging and Event Production.